<Daksh'18 hackathon/>

<Daksh'18 hackathon/>

An Initiative to motivate programmers

Daksh, the second largest techno-management fest of South India is conducted every year by SASTRA University. This year, it's all set to happen from Feb 23 to Feb 25. Stepping into its twelfth year, Daksh hosts a multitude of events pertaining to each cluster along with various power talks, workshops, expo and other fun events. Every year, Daksh brings in talents under one canopy. This year the theme of Daksh is Industry 4.0. Aspiring to discover the tech-savvy buddies, Daksh is all set to host an inter college hackathon contest. GUVI Geek Technologies have come on board with us and are providing the platform to host this hackathon.
Get ! Set ! Code !


It is indeed a well known fact that every deed has a consequence. In this cyberpunk culture filled with gadgets and gizmos, one can pretty much say every program has a code sequence. In order to test the virtuosity of every programmer out there, we're very happy to present GUVI's <Daksh'18 hackathon/>, the ultimate armageddon for the tech aficionados! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to decipher the programmer in you.



When money has become digital, let's explore and build new financial products. This Theme brings together FinTech developers and designers to develop future financial products and discover new technologies. Example applications include innovations in risk management, trading, investing, personal finance, retail banking, regulatory compliance, mobile payments.


If you are into deep learning, bots, machine learning, or neural networks, this theme is just for you. AI is the science of making machines think and act like humans. The main idea of AI is to advance systems that exceed or at least, equal human intelligence. The quest of reducing human error has resulted in the rise of artificially intelligent machines.


Getting bored of the traditional way of learning? This theme is for you. If you are a developer or designer with a great idea for an app or web app to create the next generation of learning solutions for use in the classroom, apps that can have a real impact on learning or measure the impact of learning, build products under this theme.


Define your API Mashup. Rather than create something from scratch, take advantage of existing services and then connect them in counter-intuitive ways. The growing variety of APIs – many of them free to use as a trial – means a talented team can produce some very powerful software in a short time.


Build things to show your support for Philanthropy. Any products built for the love of humanity, in the sense of caring and nourishing can be built under this theme. Build products for the social cause.


Prelims - Online
Closes at 21.01.18 , 8.00 PM

Finals - IITM
Opens at 27.01.18 , 9.00 AM
Closes at 28.01.18 , 10.00 PM


Goodies and cash prize worth 75k from GUVI and Fastrack along with internship offers at Freshworks.

How to apply

Free Registration
Fill out the form below

To submit your project for Daksh'18 Hackathon

  1. Login with your account in GUVI
  2. Go to Project Boardin GUVI.
  3.  Click on Post your Own Project.
  4.  Fill all the fields.
  5.  Click on "Is this part of any Hackathon".
  6.  Make sure that you select Daksh as the hackathon for which you are posting the project.
  7.  Submit your project details.


  • You must be a registered user of GUVI to be eligible to take part in this hackathon. Create a GUVI account in the first step and visit this link again to get the hackathon registration form
  • You can apply as an individual or a team of maximum 2 participants
  • Participants are allowed to use any packages or plugins they require
  • You can use any development platform or IDE to write your code
  • There are five themes for this Hackathon. You must submit a hack that is pertaining to one of these themes
  • For the preliminary round, you can submit your hack anytime before 21.01.18 , 8.00 PM using Project board on GUVI’s website. Either GitHub link to your source code or APK file must be submitted
  • A panel of industry and technology experts will review and select the top projects that will be eligible for the finals
  • The finals of this Hackathon will start on 27-01-2018 at 09:00 AM and end on 28-01-2018 at 10:00 PM. You work on enhancing your hack during the allotted time only
  • With respect to the finals, Food & Beverage facilities will be provided at the venue for all participants


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