Then – An idea can change your business, Now – An App can change your business.

The biggest victory of most of the software related product is make users to install their app in mobile, App is not just minimal version of original product . It’s a micro size office with macro size services.

In general E-commerce apps are not changing the way of purchasing,
actually its changing the approach of doing business.

Everyone wants to be close with someone who love them as like this every business loves their customers so it came close in the format of Mobile App.

Now a days E commerce players ( includes Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal , etc…) having million plus virtual stores in mobile devices, in each app install they expanding their virtual stores.

Lets see How app can create impact in business

Business is all about creating values and brand.

A single app can simply do this.


Now a days “Keep me in touch” words more suitable to mobile apps. A person always can’t be available in all the places so we started to imagine virtual related things. Similarly Apps are virtual offices/stores , it enhances the experience of users.

Its all about App


App is not just to create values and brands , it can do more than that by simply creating needs to users. Installed apps creates on demand needs or necessity to buy/see/use something and it enables on the go(instant) purchase.


Now a days we can see direct advertisements everywhere. By giving personalized recommendations app does in-direct advertisements in attractive approach. Apps are best channel to closely collaborate with customers.


Not only Investing in future is invaluable investment , investing in
customers data is also too.

In this era of internet, in each nanosecond everyone generating tons of data. Data is more valued than what we think, even data can predict our thought process.

Apps are not just helps to be a revenue generator, its much more than
that, it’s a Data generator/creator/curator.

The best business strategy is understand and predict the customers, data helps you to do this magical strategy. Keep tracking of users activities are easy when its comes to app.


Generally we people are having ego even with machine/device/app too. Mostly apps breaks the ice and initiates the conversation by simply triggering a notification. Then it converts notified push notification into profitable business.

It’s difficult to make users to install our app , but it’s too difficult our app to be placed in main screen of device.

Ramya Chinnadurai 🙂

Note : GUVI welcomes awesome tech blogs from students

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