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Women Paradise

Women Paradise Sridevi, COO & Co-founder of Guvi

“She believed She could, so she did .”

The very best example for the above quotes is Sridevi Arunprakash. A Challenging person who is a great Inspiration for many women who wants to achieve in their life.

Her Experience

Sridevi Arunprakash has 13 years of experience in building products and consumer perception. Over her tenure, she has worked with companies like Honeywell, TCS, Paypal. Sridevi is responsible for organizing and streamlining the activities inside GUVI. Sridevi plays a pivotal role in bringing financial discipline within the startup and make sure the focus doesn’t shift from the goals. She was in the Top 60 Women Transforming India by NITI Aayog, Top 15 Women Entrepreneur for the Tech Cohort of EmpoWer , Zone Startups Mumbai and one of the 11 Women Entrepreneurs for Google LaunchPad. She does her work on the users perspective, goes down to the level of a Student to make them understand in their training’s. She is an All-rounder as she looks after all the works both at the office and at home.

Queen of Empathy

A caring Mother not only to her Son but also to the training students and employees in the office, more of all a lovable and a responsible Wife to his husband. “Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.”, Sridevi Arunprakash is a woman for Empathy, not Sympathy, she has the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. A multi-talented woman who looks after finance, coding, accounts, teaching, marketing and so on…

Her Infinite Love

Sridevi Arunprakash’s love is boundless to everyone. Her love at home to her son, husband and the entire family is more than a cosmic. Her real love is shown when the understanding level between her and her husband is high. In spite of her busy schedule, her tech skills, her awards and talents, when it comes to family she gives more important to them. The positive energy which she gives is her Smile.

Her Words

“If you want to become a Super Star in your Life, be a Technologist.” -Sridevi Arunprakash

Technology is a magical drink that gives you a lot of Superpowers, I am able to decide the City in which I have to work, the Company and the Salary I want to get. It gives me a lot of Financial independence, the pride it gives you in Society and in Family is abundant. And when your kid says, “My Mom is everything”, the feeling can’t be expressed in words and it is all possible because of Tech Skills. One advise to all the students who want to enter into tech skills, “Be a Binary in any technology you select, try to be expert in that work. Until you reach that level, never stop practising.”, she adds.

Life hack: “It’s time for women to stop second-guessing ourselves and start believing that we are the best at what we do. If you don’t, no one else will believe it.”

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General interview questions

1)Tell me about yourself!

This is the most famous question for an interviewer and also most difficult to answer this question for the candidate. This question puts all the pressure on the candidate, and the interviewer so relax.

You should be alert enough to answer this question. You should start with an easy and confident tone and answer in a proper manner. It should not be scripted. Always remember, you are not giving the interview to a robot so your articulation, that is the way you pronounce each word should be clear and confident.

A decent way to answer is to, Analyze your interviewer’s interests and Express your most important accomplishments first.

2)Why should I hire you?

The interviewer’s job is to hire the best person for the position.

Make his job easier by convincing him that You can do the work and deliver exceptional results and that You will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team.

3)What do you know about the company?

one should always learn about the company that you are applying for, it shows that you are interested and it also helps you present your skill sets in a manner that the company would like to see. you should know what they do, who their competitors are and how you can work for them.

4)What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is not your cue to brag!! they don’t need to know if you can heavy lift or sing, by your strength, they want to know if you have a quality that they can harness, like leadership, or organizing skill etc.

Don’t criticize yourself too much, it only shows that you are weak. you have to present your weakness in a way that it looks like your strengths.

4)Why do you want to work at our company?

It may seem like a stupid question, but it is not.

Actually, the “Why do you want to work here?” question is important to hiring managers for a number of reasons. It’s not about inflating their egos, either. Hiring managers may ask this question to help figure out how you would fit in with the culture at their company, or to understand your motivations in applying for the job and whether you’re likely to stay in the role for a while.

5)What is the difference between confidence and overconfidence?

These words are very familiar to us but still, most of us dont know the meaning.

Confidence is the good trait to have where a person is sure about his course of action or activity and it comes from past success and right decisions.

Overconfidence is an excessive belief in their own abilities ignoring the fact that their decision can be wrong too.

now you need to understand what each term means before you start explaining what is good and what is not.

6)What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

I think to answer this question, in today’s world, one has to redefine the terms ‘smart work’ and ‘hard work’. Most of us think of hard work to be a ‘physical activity’ and smart work to be a kind of ‘mental ability’. Although this was true before the age of the Internet, it no longer holds true. Excellence is all about doing the smart work day in and day out. This in itself can be considered as hard work.

7)How do you feel about working nights and weekends? Some businesses require employees to work around the clock, so it is not unusual to be asked this question.

This question is a good way to see who would actually be dedicated to the job. Some people may have no problems whatsoever committing to a varying work schedule. However, you also do not want to lie if working nights and weekends would be a problem. Ultimately, you should answer this question in a way that shows you would be dedicated to the position regardless of what your schedule would be like.

8)What motivates you to do a good job?

“If you are unwilling to learn no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

One of the key aspects of hiring potential candidates is the kind of motivation that one brings to the table. HR would be keen to know what really drives you as an individual.

Your answer could be family or success or something that has a long term ethical value.

9)What makes you angry? This question is to check how one would react under pressure and how he would handle the situation. A possible answer is “Basically, anger destroys man’s everything but for me, anger motivates and provoke me for achieving goals. If someone’ demotivates me for every time and if the person presses me down the higher the leap I take.”

10)Give me an example of your creativity A lot of employers value creativity in the workplace. Companies gain a competitive edge through being innovative and forward-thinking in their approach to business. You should prep yourself prior to an interview with an example or two of how you’ve been creative in a work situation, for it’s quite possible you’ll be asked a question like this.

Refrain from directly comparing your example of creativity to those of current or former co-workers. When you do this, it can come off poorly, for it can appear as if you’re trying to make yourself look better at the expense of others.

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The Art of Blogging

We have started to come across the word blog in our day to day life more frequently now than ever. So what is the big deal about a blog? Is it as simple as writing an essay for a school or college?

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

Blog writing is an art of expressing views to a targeted audience by EMPATHIZING from their perspective. here are a few things that I have summarized for you with the hope that this would help you express your views and ideas.

Note that empathizing is capitalized. While speaking we tend to stress the important words, similarly while writing, we should capitalize words that we need to stress.

Use bold, italics, white space quotes and links in a way that it adds beauty to the product, in our case the blog.

I am writing on behalf of an organization, even though I am not using the word “we”, which is very important because it is logical. only one person is blogging. Not the entire Corporate.

The next part is to understand that you should never rush your blog, you will lose its natural touch. what keeps the readers entertained is the natural way of SAYING things.

That means you don’t give long lectures, you give out short and crisp points without boring the users. make jokes around what you are writing without deviating from your topic.

Yes, there are no formalities and all those things while blogging, you write as if you are having a conversation with a friend.

And most importantly, think and analyze your targeted audience. Always keep in mind that while talking about tech you should not write essays as the current generation is all about pictures short sentences and all.

“I usually tell those people that blogging is like any sort of long-term relationship. Some days are great. Others aren’t so great, but you’re in it for the long haul.”–Neil Patel

Will you read your own blog, is it worth reading? If you don’t find your product to be useful, how do you expect others to read it?

the more you write, the more you can

here is how to create a wonderful blog.

1. Create an Idea

Analyze your topic, research about it, keep researching until you are confident that you can write a book about it.


We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but mind you no one follows that in the blogging world. what attracts people to your blog is not the content or the pictures. it’s the heading. so make sure that you have a heading.

3.List out the main points

A major percentage(80%) of blog readers don’t exactly read them word by word. so make sure that you lay out the points

4. Add images, videos and links

Heard of makeup? images, videos and links are what you should use to enhance the beauty of your blog. They are a powerful tool if used wisely.

5. Do not end the topic

Blogs are meant for discussions, so don’t ever end or conclude them.Let the readers talk and discuss.

keep doing this and you will be a good blogger if not the best.

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They were wandering nervously around the welcoming area trying to identify a familiar face. The group of strangers quickly greeted each other and got acquainted with themselves.

A group of 15 strangers transformed into a single team.

Right after the briefing, the students selected a page of their choice to work with so that there won’t be any collisions during development.

“You are here because you are sincere to yourself not because you are a genius”.


This is what he told the group of keen listeners right before the webathon began. This gave them the confidence to try without being judged if they fail.

“it is not the work done that matters, but how much you learn from this. That is what is important”


Truth is, we did not know what would be the outcome, which makes it exciting.

The idea of this webathon was put forward by our CTO Mr Arun Prakash, even though the entire development team resisted the notion at first. He convinced them that it will be a new learning opportunity for everyone.

The first concern was how to communicate effectively with a group of students and how do we get them to write codes that are congruent enough for merging. This was solved by creating a set of guidelines and we mailed it to the students prior to the event.

The second concern was, what if two people were working on the same page without them knowing that someone else is already working on it. SO we decided to let them chose one page and inform their decision to the rest of the team

The beauty of this was that it is like a symphony that is being orchestrated, played and conducted as we go. Each time new and better music replaced the previous one…

But obviously it wasn’t music, it was web pages.

It was a continuous process of learning, improving and improvising.

the students were surprised by what they could achieve in 24 hours. When they didn’t believe in their capacity, we at GUVI gave them full confidence to explore, learn and implement web development

we had team meetings whenever someone is lost to encourage the students to share what they do and what they want to do.

But we soon realized that tea breaks were more efficient than any other kind of meeting. Ah, the marvel of tea!!

As hours swept by, our website started to appear more and more.

rome, the power of the former Roman Empire, was not built in a day, but GUVI, the educational hub of the world, was built in just 24 hours.

pst… our secret is pizza 😉

Our head developer Mr Muruga, from a product perspective, did not think that we could achieve anything of quality from the webathon, so he was quite surprised and taken back with the result.

The dedication shown by the young aspirants helped us develop a new website in 24 hours. We broke all the constraints and parameters to achieve this feat! so people, experiment for success!!

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GUVI hosts [24 hour] Internal Webathon!

Our Inspiration:

Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Whirlpool hold internal hackathons to encourage new product innovation by their employees. For example, the Like button, chat button, and timeline of Facebook was created during its company-internal hackathons. Companies keep a closer watch on their data as well while employees “flex their creative muscles” at low risk.

What’s this Webathon About?

This Webathon is all about Revamping the entire Front-end of Guvi’s existing website to a much more modern and sleek design in a 24-hour internal Webathon consisting of participants who are Expert developers and Interns.

A little Nervous, a lot of Excitement But well prepared!

This is what our Interns had to say on how they feel participating in this webathon. Guvi Interns

Gamblers at GUVI

This is a huge risk. We love to gamble with fresh Talent. We trust and let our student interns build our face of the product that is the new User Interface of Guvi. We’ve handpicked the best of talents from our own platform across thousands of colleges.

This is the First in Industry where no company has allowed its interns to work on important product revamps. But we love risks, We believe innovations arise from risks.

Building Something Cool!

We are building something cool at Guvi. Our new Interfaces for the website are exciting to work on and we are so excited to see the end results of the Webathon.

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How to learn any Programming Language?

If you ask yourselves “how can I learn a programming language?“, Ask yourself “how did I learn English or Tamil or any other language?“.

Yes, it is as simple as learning a normal language, we start with the alphabets, then the words, then grammar, then the phrases, then essays and so on. While learning a programming language we tend to follow this structure.

Now we know what to ‘learn’, and by that, we do not mean learn five languages at a time, it will only complicate things and bring in a lot of confusion.

It will always be hard to learn your first language, but then that will help you learn all the other languages with ease.

The keynote is to master one programming language in order to learn other programming languages. Exactly like the ring from the movie,’The Lord of the Rings’.

It gets easier and easier to learn a new programming language once you master your first programming language.

Some programming languages are easier to learn than others. For example, learning Python or SQL will be much easier than trying to learn C# or Java.

It is of utmost importance that you understand the fundamentals of a programming language before moving on.

An intro to the world of computer science and the amazing things that we can do with programming skills would be a great idea when you are first starting out.

Talk to other people who have more knowledge about the language than you in order to know where to learn more about it.

But how do we achieve it?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Suppose you learn a language, say French, but you don’t use the language for a week or a month, what happens?

Like water evaporating from a pond in summer, it will go down the drain without leaving behind a trace, won’t it?

The same happens with a programming language.

Try out a few languages and select the one which comes naturally to you. Don’t choose one for the sake of jobs, because, from an interview point of view, you will do much better with a programming language that comes naturally to you.

One must practice daily, that is code daily,solve problems. Programming languages are just like any other human language, its a language, you won’t feel like it’s master until you understand it.

Practising on a computer is a good thing but finding the logic without actually running the code will help you learn even better.

“work, work, work, code, code, code” that should be our mantra.

The more you code the more you learn.

Anyone can learn to code. Even people with significant disabilities have learned to code and become professional software engineers.

So how did they do it?.

A little interest, a little more dedication and a lot of hard work.

We all have the ability to do so, why not do it?

We recommend that you start with python, GUVI offers the course in Tamil, English, Arabic, and Hindi.

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Python Ninja

Python Ninja from Builders Engineering College

By writing 5724 lines of Python code in GUVI platform, coding veteran Mr. Thirunavukkarasu challenges the grads from 900+ educational institutions and tops the leaderboard in GUVI platform.

While using WhatsApp in a smartphone is a day of celebration for people born before 1960’s, Mr.Thirunavukkarasu solves programming problems in GUVI’s CodeKata day-in and day-out persistently. With 33 years of teaching experience, he is working as Training Officer at Builders Engineering College, Kangayam, Tirppur District.

When GUVI was introduced to Builder’s college for technical training, we got introduced to Mr. Thirunavukkarasu as a technical trainer. Though we assumed he would delegate the task of using the platform to his students ( as it is done in most of the colleges ), to our surprise he took it on himself and became the most curious and avid user of GUVI. While we were excited to answer the queries he raised during the process, the entire GUVI team was happy and inspired on seeing the passion and the efforts he took to keep himself hands-on with the technology skills and pass it on to his students.

While many think that programming is mysterious and confusing, he solved nearly 409 programming problems in code kata from various levels such as Beginner, Player, Hunter and Pro which is classified based on the complexity of the problem. He scored a magnificent 117285 CodeKata points in GUVI. leaderboard

As an experienced trainer, he never felt hesitant to approach young developers who might be senior in experience. He always pushed the boundary to get the best for his students. The most interesting quality which makes him an admirable person is his consistent learning and sharing attitude from the developer community. What else could be a best attribute for a coach or trainer than being a constant learner?

After solving all the problems by himself in GUVI Code kata, he is now training his students to solve the programming problems in GUVI. He perfectly understands the fact that learning programming is like doing workouts in a gym.You can’t expect the results in one day. But every day of practice counts and directs you to success. The entire Builder’s Engineering College and GUVI crew is confident that Mr. Thirunavukkarasu’s encouragement to his students to solve problems daily in GUVI CodeKata will surely make them a skilled software programmer. thirukanda

                   Mr.Thirunavukkarasu’s Guvi Profile  (

Learning to code is daunting even to young champs who are in the world of humongous technological exposure. Fortunately, people like Mr.Thirunavukkarasu is here to tell us that learning to code at 65 is not only possible, one can even make a new career out of it.

GUVI team appreciates Mr.Thirunavukkarasu and his beloved students efforts to become better programmers and will continue our constant support to Builders Engineering College.

Mr. Thirunavukkarasu’s GUVI profile

About GUVI CodeKata:

CodeKata is a repository of programming problems in GUVI platform. The problems are of high quality in par with industry expectations & evaluation, powered by collective intelligence of industry experts and grouped as per complexity.The Gamified approach in the platform keep the students more engaged in the platform. Till now 64000 students has learnt and practiced programming through GUVI CodeKata and consist of a massive collection of 7000 problem statements. Students has voluntarily solved and submitted 34 Lakhs LOC ( lines of code ) till now for evaluation.

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Best Interview Questions for OOPS/Inheritance


  1. Object-oriented programming uses classes and objects. What are classes and what are objects? What is the relationship between classes and objects?
  2. Explain carefully what null means in Java, and why this special value is necessary.
  3. What are the three parts of a simple empty class explain with example?
  4. What is a constructor? What is the purpose of a constructor in a class?
  5. What is meant by the terms instance variable and instance method?
  6. Explain what is meant by the terms subclass and superclass.
  7. Explain the term polymorphism.
  8. Java uses “garbage collection” for memory management. Explain what is meant here by garbage collection. What is the alternative to garbage collection?
  9. Bring out the importance of inheritance with the help of an example?
  10. When do we declare the members of the class as static explain with example?
  11. When do we declare a method or class as final explain with example?
  12. What is the advantage of using “this” keyword, explain?
  13. Explain about inner classes with an example?
  14. Explain how super keyword is used in overriding the methods?
  15. Explain the use of super() method in invoking a constructor?
  16. When does a base class variable get hidden, Give reasons?
  17. Explain with an example how we can access a hidden base class variable?

Suggested Course :

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JAVA Interview Questions


20 JAVA Questions to clear your interview:

  1. What is JDK?
  2. What is JRE?
  3. What is JIT compiler?
  4. What is Adaptive optimizer?
  5. What is Class Loader?
  6. What is Byte Code Verifier?
  7. What is a Compiler?
  8. What is an Interpreter?
  9. What is the difference between a Compiler and Interpreter?
  10. What are the components of JVM?
  11. What is Platform Independent?
  12. How does Java achieve Platform independence?
  13. How to access command line arguments?
  14. What are the data types in Java and what are their sizes?
  15. How do you declare an array in Java?
  16. How do you find the length of an array in Java?
  17. What is the use of PATH variable?
  18. What is the use of CLASSPATH variable?
  19. How do you assign values for PATH and CLASSPATH Variable?
  20. What are all the characteristic features of Java Programming language?

GUVI recommended Course :

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Feel the Freedom

This is Sridevi. This Independence Day made me feel that I did not write for a long time. I was watching a Patti Mandram today, the topic is whether men are enjoying more freedom or women are enjoying more freedom in current society. I liked the naduvar decision, he told both men and women are addicted to any one of the feelings in their mind so no one is enjoying the full freedom.

I agree with him 100 %. We all are prisoners or slaves to the thoughts in our mind. When our mind says we can’t learn new things we believe it without any second thought. Nowadays there is a bigger change in the mentality of parents towards their kid’s education. They started believing strongly that their child’s education will change the fate of the family. So some way or other they are finding ways to educate their children.

But 70% to 80% of the students are in their mind prison. They believe firmly that they can’t acquire any new skills. Thinking that they are exercising freedom in their life they feel proud about saying they are not interested in learning things. When you look from outside it may look like they are enjoying their freedom but actually, they are slaves in their minds. I feel very sad about it. Because it is very easy to educate a student who believes that he/she is capable of learning things. But many times scenarios are not like that. First, we have to make him/her believe that he/she is capable of learning things. Sometimes that process may also fail. In such times it hurts me a lot. If that student fails its the failure of the whole family.

I always feel proud that my family got uplifted because of education. We stand as a role model to many in the society. Whenever someone asks my father about the asset he had during our childhood times, he proudly says my kid’s education is my asset. But when I have grown up, I see how true those words are.

Guvi is working hard to give you the freedom of learning. Learning is no longer a system. It’s an experience. You design the way you want to learn something. Having this vision in mind only we started offering technology courses in regional languages. The mode of learning should not be restricted by the availability of resources. But to enjoy the advancements in the field of learning and explore it fully all learners should come out of their mind prison and feel the freedom of learning.

Happy Independence Day to all…