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Mother of OOPS – Idli kadai Aaya

Excited to know what’s the tale behind the title?. I believe at the end of this blog justification to the title would have been done…:-) Today our story revolves around OOPS. I had OOPS in my fifth semester. It was the time when my interest towards programming was in budding stage.

So I and one of my friends had decided to join a computer center to learn C++. At that time we dint have easy online access like now. And also I wasn’t with a computer at that time. So computer center was the only option to look over for another computer. The center name was Radian I guess. I don’t know whether it is even still functional. I got a wonderful teacher in that center .Her name was Sowmya. She was the one who first taught me about classes and objects. The example she had given was like, consider the blueprint of the house as class and the object as the house itself. With the same blue print we can build ‘n’ number of houses.

See how powerful it is, I still remember that example. But when I happened to do a video about classes and objects for GUVI,I was in break to take care of my kid. So i had got most connected to kitchen rather than anything else.

So whatever video I had done at that time , carries the aroma of my kitchen 🙂 Now we’ll come to our title reason, I see our idly aaya is the founder of classes and objects. See, idly plate is the class .It defines the structure of our idly and the idlies are our objects.

So like our film directors I made justice to the title by referring idly aaya in this line 🙂

idly kadai

Now coming to the technical part, class is a user defined data type. Here comes the question what is data type and what is data structure?.To make people believe that I am still connected to kitchen I will give examples from my kitchen itself. For example we can consider tumbler, plates, container etc… everything is a datatype .Each serves different purpose. Small tumbler can be considered as integer, bigger tumbler as float,Jug as double .They all belong to same category and the differentiating factor is the quantity they can hold.But plate and tumbler we can compare as integer and string. Plate is for eating something and tumbler is for drinking.They serve different purpose. Now here comes the Hero intro for our story.

Picturize the vessel stand in your home. vessel stand

can you tell what data type it is ,this is none other than our structure and class. To tell correctly this is object and the design of this stand is class.

We are having integer(tumbler),string(plates),byte(spoons) etc…. in the same stand. All these are analogies purpose only don’t dig too much 🙂 Ok Ok like Keladi Kanmani Radhika asking to SPB ,”moochu vidama padrenu soneenga” ,u people are asking what happened to data structure. Yes I will explain it now.

I have always found trouble in finding out some ingredients when I work in other people’s kitchen. With all containers looking alike it is difficult to identify what is inside them. Arranging the containers in a way it is easy for anyone to take anything is data structure, way of organizing data. If we keep everything in a single row then its an array.

steel box

Mom never searches for anything and knows correctly which one holds what .But if it happens that I have to do look out for something, I do a linear search to find the ingredient I need. But if I remember someway that mom usually keeps them in first row ,I can do a binary search then ignoring remaining racks. So like these examples , OOPS is there in every walk of our life. Even the way we arrange our dresses in wardrobe is a data structure. We arrange it in such a way that it will be easy for us to search and keep dresses.


See you all soon in next blog….. Before that hit the like button if you really like this post:-) or else also you can hit like restrictions -Sridevi Arunprakash For more idly ideas.. 😛 Visit us at

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Corporate Jargon – Part III

Reach out – communicate with somebody through mail or phone
How to use – Reach out to Priya in case of any questions on the process.

Plain Vanilla – something which has nothing special about it.
How to use – The design was plain vanilla and did not catch the client’s interest.

Transition – move from one state to another.
How to use – As transition to any new process is difficult, lots of training is required.

Take this offline – discuss something after a meeting or separately.
How to use: Let’s discuss your query offline so as to complete this meeting on time.

Paradigm shift – an important change in the way things were done before.
How to use: The idea of working from home is a paradigm shift for those who entered the workforce in the 1980s. Say pa-ra-dime

Ballpark – within an approximate range of views, ideas or figures.
How to use – My guess on how the task had to be done was in the ballpark.

Downtime – when you are not busy with work.
How to use – You can work on gaining learning credits during your downtime.

Pipeline – when there is work/project expected in the very near future.
How to use – As there are several projects in the pipeline, we are sure to have a good Q2.

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How to prepare for campus interviews?

The crucial part in a life of a student is when they get to attend placements and catch up with Interviews. Campus Interviews are the only way through which someone gets inside a Corporate. A candidate has to get prepared well in advance to face up with Job drive Interviews.

Generally, Candidates get stumbled at a point where they don’t get a clear view of how to get ready for campus interviews. Here are a few tips for cracking the campus interviews with ease.

1. Have Command over the Company Domain:

Before you are going to attend an Interview, make sure you know about the areas where the Company particularly focuses on and specialized on. Domains vary for each Company. Be it Software development domain or Microprocessors oriented domain, make sure you have researched and know about them well in advance. Have the foundational knowledge in depth under the Domain of the Company. Corporate expects you to be exceptional in the domain.

2. Have a thorough knowledge on Subject:

Candidate’s knowledge on core technical subjects will be analyzed. For instance, CS students must be prepared with Programming along with Operating Systems, Data Base Management System, and Compiler design.
It is essential that you know the basics of programming for the Interview. Generally, Interviewers ask sorting and searching algorithms. Be thorough in areas of Algorithms.

Get practiced with Online Coding Platforms to get equipped with real time problem scenarios posted by Corporates.

3. Aptitude and Logical reasoning:

Occasionally, simple aptitude problems may also get asked. The way you approach the problem or puzzle that is given to you will be evaluated. Have a practice session on Logical ability tests and numerical problems prior before attending an Interview.

4. Know your Resume:

Be strong enough to explain what you had learnt in the workshops, symposiums that you had witnessed during College tenure. Have a clear idea on the Projects and presentations done by you. Majorly questions would be asked on what ideas you had applied and its outcome.

With practice and determination, you can always shine in subjects. Add a little extra effort and you can also crack Interviews with ease. Get the job of your dreams soon! Hope this is useful!

All the best for your Career Endeavours!!

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People say Nature finds its own way

Yes, Nature found its way in making e-learning exciting

We have always heard news like
E-learning courses are so dang boring”
“Students are bored and dropping out”
“90% of students don’t complete the online course”
“Many don’t start the course after purchasing” and the list goes on

With GUVI’s experience, Covid19 has proved all the above statements wrong.

Though COVID19 was harsh on all of us, it has also found its own way of making the e-learning exciting for the users.

In the last 3 weeks of pandemic lockdown, GUVI has managed to extend more than 1,60,000 courses for free to the student’s community and 40% of the students have completed their course with the certification in a short span of 3 weeks. We are expecting more students to get their certification in the coming weeks.

Many of the Schools have already started to deploy a form of Education to their students by Online. It’s even expected that the Whole methodology of Education could take a major change after this Lockdown. The Central and State Governments made a statement that Lessons could also be learnt from Radio, TV which are common modes that are accessible to all sectors of people.

GUVI Team is quite excited that

  • We have supported the lockdown students by Skilling them in some of the latest technologies

  • Made them Job ready for the upcoming hiring season

So many happy feedbacks and thank you note from the students are pouring in.

GUVI team takes this opportunity to thank its learners and authors for making us play our part and extend our support during this pandemic phase.

Without your support this would have not been possible.


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A Guide to Managing Remote Teams

A Remote Team refers to a group who co-ordinates and works to serve for a purpose. They tend to be geographically dispersed.

Four Things that Remote Leaders do differently:


How people converse with each other inside a Team, writing synchronously makes a difference between managing a team remotely when compared with managing them in-person. Successful remote managers understood this and are diligent about writing clearly, precisely – to communicate with their team on a daily basis.

•“Trust your Employees”- APPROACH

A leader should trust and believe his employees. It’s important equally to give a personal space for the employees and believe them that it won’t affect the Company results.

Get intentional about social connection:

A study shows that individuals who had 15 minutes to socialize with colleagues had a 20% increase in performance over their peers who didn’t . Furthermore, studies have shown the positive impact that social relationships have on life expectancy.

Have the hard conversations ,quickly:

Finding a way to have the hard talks as quick as possible is crucial in remote teams.


How well people keep up talks within a team makes a big difference. Active respond to messages, values and vision oriented communication, delivering a hard news everything falls under this.

Write, write, write:

Sharing your experiences, strategies around marketing by writing, new product concepts is a great way of communicating with your team.

Prioritize a process:

Prioritize which mails and messages are to be checked and responded quickly. Reply quick to those that need immediate answers and allot time to check bulk messages and threaded mails.

Default to over-communication:

If you don’t say or explicitly communicate something as a remote manager, your team has absolutely no idea what you’re thinking. Thus communicating your company’s values in a remote team.

Qualities expected in a Remote Employee:

a)Empathy b)Good writing skills c)Prior work experience

Getting yourself change to a Remote Leader

*Get committed to the work you do. Don’t perform your job for namesake.

*Communicate more and gather information as much as possible.

*Schedule a good training and On-boarding experience for Junior Employees.

*Focus on building trust with the team.

*Be ready to adjust and adapt to the situation in the team

*Coach and guide your team on times of avoiding pitfalls

*Be transparent and proactive in your approach

Getting into good books of the Manager and coordinating well within teams are mandatory. Be it a team within an Organization or handling Nuclear teams , it is important to have a good communication and trust worthiness within the Teams. Managing Remote teams thus becomes a hectic schedule if not correctly managed but a smooth handling issue if properly handled.

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The March to be remembered…New Transformation

As an Online Tutoring Tech proprietor, it becomes indispensable to transform ourselves from “.in domain to “.io domain. From .in which showcases to Indian Region alone, we now expand to British Indian Ocean Territory. is now

As we make a move to a higher domain, we aim to bring up the best of our services in getting you to reach heights in your caliber. We would strive forward to make you an exceptional performer in today’s techno scenario.

Get to us quick and faster

As an easier way to reach us we present you with our shift from to . It’s as simple as that!

Let us serve you the Best!

Make us get your queries solved soon as you can reach us : For Doubts & Complaints: [email protected] If you wish to Contact the Higher officials, reach to [email protected] and [email protected]

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Manager

A Product Manager is similar to the Heart of an Organization or Company. Product managers are often known for their soft skills: leadership qualities, perfection, innovation, creativity, etc. The Product Manager is the one who has to set the product vision and strategy. Developing the products by researching the market trends, making the pricing for the developed product, analyzing marketing strategies are additional duties of a product manager.


The product Manager is the one who is explainable for defining the why, what and when details of the product that the team is building on.
A product manager may also have to take up additional responsibilities under marketing, forecasting and profit and loss. A deep product expertise is essential for him to lead the Organization and make product decisions. Product Manager’s key role is to ensure that the product supports the Company’s overall strategy and goals.

Most Product Manager roles have several key components including:

  1. Domain Mastery:

    A widened knowledge about the Market and product area is essential as this is what the Company too expects from a
    Product Manager. Additionally, a Product Manager should know about the Target Audience of the Company-“Customers”
    and the whole Business flow.

  2. Business command:

    A Product Manager should be similar to “Jack of all Trades” under a Business. Being an expert in Business doesn’t
    stop with having a full-fledged knowledge about the product alone, but generating a good profit out of it for the
    Company, that is, the deliverable at the end should give a good turnover for the Company.

  3. Leadership Qualities:

    A product Manager always has to lend a hand to his peers and be a Team player. Many times, team mates would come
    to ask for clarifications and suggestions. To be a good guide during those times, a Product Manager ought to have
    exceptional Leadership skills. It shouldn’t be bossy or domineering but have to be counterpart friendly that would
    lead to a fruitful outcome for the Company. Cultivating leadership skills within oneself thus becomes vital.

  4. Operational ability:

    It is the functional skill that requires the full capability of the person to get it reflected in an Organization
    by performing well in the tasks and duties given to them. Though having a power to get it done by peers under
    him,a product manager takes it responsible for the activities concerned with the job and do it their own way.

The Product Manager would play the role in describing how the product is to be made to the Product Team. He has to fixate the release process and do further actions to bring the product to market. He has to act as the barrier who smoothly connects all the teams in a company namely Sales, Marketing, Customer Support. He is the one whose responsive for managing dependencies and decide release phases.


  1. Product Manager should act as a product leader within the Company. They should have technical product knowledge
    and domain expertise.

  2. Product Managers should act as a mediator between the product and the Customer.
    They should have an understanding of user expectations and needs.

  3. Pilot testing involves having a group of end users try the system prior to its full deployment in order to give
    feedback on its performance.
    Beta testing is testing of the product in the user environment.
    A product manager is responsible to run Beta and Pilot programs during the pilot phase with final end products
    and samples.

  4. The product manager is responsible for fixing the release process and coordinating all of the activities needed
    to take the product to market. This involves closing gaps between different functionalities within the company
    and aligning all the teams involved namely marketing, sales, and customer support.

  5. To Have a smooth talk with the Stake Holders and to Market Audience.

The Product Manager is the one who is responsible for leading the team and is in charge of having the cross-check over the activities carried on by the team to ensure that it meets up with the desired end result which is expected.In this era of Technology where it is tough to manage and prioritize the flow of ideas, a product manager plays a crucial role in coherently bringing a product from its start phase till it’s release and get it successfully running in the market.

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Stay Safe. We Bring Learning to your Space : Coder vs Covid

Geek vs Covid - 19 / Corona Virus

As the outbreak of Corona is getting out of hand, it becomes essential to safeguard ourselves by staying indoors. Get yourself engaged in having a new hobby as you rest.

Involve in getting yourself more connected with new technology. Being confined to your home due to covid-19 outbreak, get to learn with GUVI courses which are completely free. Widen your Coding skills with our learning platform.


During an outbreak period like this, enjoy your own company. As dedicated work aspirants, tend to show more compassion towards the job you do and avoid more time getting spent in group meetings. Get yourself hand sanitized often and you would have only slight chances of getting infected by others.


As Coronavirus is an airborne disease there are more possibilities that the viral spread is prevalent in open spaced rooms.

Get accustomed to staying in aerated closed rooms. Then you will have fewer chances to fall ill due to common ailments. As you are isolated from outside contamination, you would be less prone to getting affected by coronavirus.


Infected animals could easily spread the virus to a healthy person. Being an airborne disease, there are greater chances that viral spread would easily affect those who come in touch with them.

Avoiding less contact with animals would be a major additional precaution that could be followed.


Being known for “Stick to the Chair” policy, they get very less engaged in gatherings and occasions. Hence they have very little chance of being prevalent among groups and thus have minimal chances of getting infected.

Give a break to your normal Gaming grounds on your personal computers and mobiles and get your skills enriched technically. Being an airborne disease, the probability of getting affected is really high. So why not spend more time staying indoor?

Get your skills broadened by enhancing your Coding skills. New to the Race? We are here to provide you guidance. Strive in to get your Logical skill thirst to get quenched with our Coolest coding Platform as we provide you with the optimized support for your learning.

Experience and Join our Online classes and get yourself placed in Top-Notch Companies. Get yourself familiarised with the currently needed Technology skills and get your profile to speak for you as you enter the Corporate and follow preventive measures as you travel around the Globe.

Spend your precious time getting hooked up with CodeKata and MicroArc as you learn on the go. We wish to make a difference in your life. Committed to making you turn as the best Programmer, we strive to improvise yourself.

Get yourself turned into a Developer as you master the skills from our project based learning programs which are completely free by the way. As you search for ways to keep yourself knowledgeable, go through our variety of courses offered in various vernacular languages and technologies. Take up certifications as you enjoy the Learning Modules and get certified in your Areas of interest. We wish you a Healthy and wealthy style of living as you balance both. Happy Coding!

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How to write a good test case in Software Testing

Software Testing is a process of executing the application with the intent of finding the software bugs to ensure that the product is defect free in order to produce the quality product. It is used to evaluate the functionality of a software application to find whether the developed software meets the specified requirements or not.

The main purpose of a Test case is to ensure if different features within an application are working as expected. It helps tester to validate if the software is free of defects and if it is working as per the expectations of the end users.

While writing Good and effective Test Cases, certain steps are to be followed.

1. Identifying the Scope And Purpose Of Testing
Before writing effective test cases we need to identify the testable requirements. We need to understand the purpose of testing and must understand the features and user requirements.

2. Defining how To perform Testing Activities
Defining the effect test scenarios and a better understanding of functional requirements of an application is mandatory. We must know about what all operations can be used, so that the test scenarios, test cases can be written based on the guidelines.

3. Identify Non-Functional Requirements.
Along with the functional requirements, the non-functional requirements are equally important. Basically in non-functional requirements criterion like Operating system, hardware requirements, security features are to be considered and also additional prerequisites required for testing like test data preparation.

4.Implement Testing Techniques – Positive And Negative Test Cases
While writing test cases few test case design methods should be used like equivalence classes portioning, boundary value analysis, normal and abnormal conditions. It should also consider negative testing, failure conditions and error handling which could help to discover most probable defects in the code.

It is essential that testcases both valid and Invalid testcases are to be checked before releasing software Project to the End User.

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Winning Tactics for Deloitte Interview

Winning Tactics for Deloitte Interview
Deloitte is a huge organisation, and has many profiles for which it conducts campus placements. It came to my college for the role of Business Technology analyst (BTA), for both its India clients and US clients.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Deloitte:

Recruitment Process

Written Exam
Deloitte Interview Process

Academic Criteria

Candidate must be B.Tech (Computer Science/I.T).
No backlogs should be there at the time of applying.
Candidate must have 60 percent or 6 C.G.P.A throughout.

Written Test

The first round will be AMCAT aptitude test which will be pretty easy, provided you manage to attempt all questions in time. Remember that you cannot go to the next question without attempting the question in front of you. Also, once you attempt a question, you cannot come back to it later. But, it was easy. Time management is also important as if you are unable to complete your test,you might lose out.
The questions asked are not very difficult. Simple and straight-forward. So, you don’t really need to worry about the questions. The basic practice (which I hope you have been doing regularly) should suffice.

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers Model

Quantitative Aptitude- the most time consuming section. You need to be thoroughly prepared with the formulae as most question are direct formula application. If you don’t understand the question or don’t recollect the formula, just skip the question rather than wasting time on it.
There might/might not be negative marking. So, it is important to read the instructions before starting the test. If you feel on reading a question, that you might get stuck in the middle, just move on. Don’t try to put up a fight with the question. You’ll only end up wasting precious seconds.
Finally, all I would say is that just stay calm. The test is going to be very easy. Just manage your time efficiently.
1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

1) Cricket
2) Football
3) Polo
4) Carrom
5) Hockey

Answer: 4

  1. In the word CONTRACTUAL, the positions of the first and the eleventh letters are interchanged. Similarly, the positions of the second and the tenth letters are interchanged, and so on, up to the positions of fifth and seventh letters are interchanged, keeping the position of sixth letter unchanged. Which letter will be the third to the right of the sixth letter from the left end?

1) U
2) N
3) T
4) A
5) None of these

Answer: 2

  1. In a certain code, LATE is written as $%#@ and WIDE is written as *?▲@. How is DIAL written in that code?

1) ▲@#$
2) ▲@%$
3) ▲?%$
4) ▲?%#
5) None of these

Answer: 3

  1. What will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series based on their positions in the English alphabet?

1) PRS
2) QST
3) OQR
4) ORS
5) None of these

Answer: 5

  1. If in the following set of numbers, the first and the third digits are interchanged in each number, which number will be second if arranged in ascending order after interchanging the digits?

583 645 396 287 469
1) 583
2) 645
3) 396
4) 287
5) 469

Answer: 2

  1. 96 16 81 = x
    11 15 18 = y
    What is the value of y-2x?

1) 108
2) 33
3) 105
4) 36
5) None of these

Answer: 1

  1. 28 49 13 = x
    37 12 22 = y
    What will be the sum of the resultant of the two rows?

1) 108
2) 244
3) 102
4) 344
5) None of these

Answer: 2

  1. 18 5 17 = x
    64 8 11 = y
    What will be the value of x + y?

1) 189
2) 129
3) 69
4) 169
5) None of these

Answer: 1

  1. 9 15 50 = x
    12 25 24 = y
    What will be the value of x/y?

1) 18
2) 8
3) 5
4) 6
5) None of these

Answer: 3

  1. 56 14 9
    36 12 7
    What will be the difference between the resultants of the two rows?

1) 14
2) 21
3) 5
4) 26
5) None of these

Answer: 4

Reasoning Questions and Answers Model

How to answer logical reasoning questions?
Here are our five top tips:

Practice sample diagrammatic IQ tests. 
It can be useful to develop a mental checklist of strategies to solve logical reasoning questions, such as a list of different rules that govern size, shape, number etc. 
Look at one rule at a time.
Manage your time.

1) Pointing to a photograph, Meera said, “He is the son of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Meera related to the boy in the photograph?

A. Sister
B. Mother
C. Grandmother
D. Niece

Ans: Option A

Solution: Meera’s grandfather’s only son would be Meera’s father.
The son of Meera’s father will be Meera’s brother.
Hence Meera is the Sister of the boy in the photograph.

2) What comes as the next element in the series: II, VI, X, XIV, XVIII, XXII, ?


Ans: Option B
This is a series of Roman Numerals. Each successive element is added by adding ‘4’ to the preceding element. Hence II + 4 = VI (6)
Similarly VI (6) + 4 = X (10)
Hence the next element should be XXVI (26)
3. A person walked 25m towards North, then took a left turn and walked 30m. The person again took a left turn and walked 25m. How far and in which direction is that person from the starting position?
A. 30m to the West
B. 25m to the North
C. 20m to the East
D. 40m to the South
Answer: A
Deloitte Logical reasoning Question

4) What will be the next term in the following series? A B B D C F D H E J ?

A) N
B) O
C) K
D) F

Ans: Option D

If you notice carefully, the series is itself composed of two series:
1) A B C D E (Every alternate letter starting from A)
2) B D F H J (Every alternate letter starting from B)
Hence the last element will be F.

5) REPORT is related to UGSQUV in the same way as LONGER is related to

Ans: Option C

Notice that the sequence that the coding of the letters of the given word follows the pattern : +3, +2, +3, +2 and so on. (R – S,T,U ; E – F,G ; P – Q,R,S etc)
Hence the given word LONGER is coded as L – M,N,O ; O – P,Q ; N – O,P,Q ; G – H,I, and so on)

Therefore the answer is OQQIHT
6) Ajay walked 2m towards east, took a right turn and walked 7m. He then took a left turn and walked 5m before taking a left turn and walking 7m. He then took a final right turn and walked 1m before stopping. How far is Ajay from the starting point?
A. 8m
B. 7m
C. 6m
D. 5m
E. 9m

Deloitte Logical reasoning Questions
7. Read the statements and arguments and select the appropriate option:

Statement: Should cell phones be allowed to be used in the classroom?
I. Yes. Cell phones give students access to tools and apps that can help them complete and stay on top of their class work.
II. No. Cell phones can be used by students to access information while taking a test, leading to cheating.
A. Only argument I is strong
B. Only argument II is strong
C. Either I or II is strong
D. Neither I nor II is strong
E. Both I and II are strong
Answer: E
Both the arguments can be used as strong arguments.
Cell Phones open the world of E-Learning to the students who will be exposed to novel methods of learning and will have info on their fingertips.
On the other hand, if cell phone use is a norm in the classroom, then cell phones can be used in malpractices such as cheating in an examination hall.
Instructions for Questions 8 to 10: Read the given information below and answer the questions that follow
Six friends A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around the hexagonal table each at one corner and are facing the center of the hexagon. A is second to the left of F. B is a neighbor of C and D. E is second to the left of D.
8. Which one is sitting opposite to E?
A. C
B. F
C. D
D. B
Answer: D
A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around the hexagonal table each at one corner and are facing the center of the hexagon.
Deloitte Logical reasoning Questions

Fix F. Then the position of A is determined. Now for B to be a neighbour of both C and D, B has to be in between them. Since E is second to the left of D, D has only one position i.e. to the right of F. Hence position of C and E is fixed.
9) Which of the following are the neighbors of D?
A. F and A
B. E and C
C. F and C
D. F and B
Answer: D
A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around the hexagonal table each at one corner and are facing the center of the hexagon.
Deloitte Logical reasoning Questions

Fix F. Then the position of A is determined. Now for B to be a neighbour of both C and D, B has to be in between them. Since E is second to the left of D, D has only one position i.e. to the right of F. Hence position of C and E is fixed.
From the figure, F and B are neighbours of D.
10) Who is the third person to the right of A?
A. B
B. F
C. D
D. E
Answer: C
deloitte logical reasoning question

Solution:Remember, all A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around the hexagonal table each at one corner and are facing the center of the hexagon.
Fix F. Then the position of A is determined. Now for B to be a neighbour of both C and D, B has to be in between them. Since E is second to the left of D, D has only one position i.e. to the right of F. Hence position of C and E is fixed.
From the figure, the third person to the right of A is D.

Verbal Questions and Answers Model

How to do well at verbal reasoning tests?
Eight top tips for passing a Verbal Reasoning Test

Find out who your test provider will be. ...
Read and re-read each piece of text. ...
Don't make assumptions. ...
Manage your time. ...
Hone your analytical skills. ...
Improve your English as a second language. ...
Practice in the right format. ...
Learn from your mistakes.

1) Arrange the following words in a logical sequence:
Word, Paragraph, Sentence, Letters, Phrase


The correct answer is Option A –





2) 1) Arrange the following words in a logical sequence:
Family, Country, Locality, Member, Community


The correct answer is Option A –
Member, Family, Community, Locality, Country
Below in each of the questions (3, 4 and 5) are given two statements I and II. These statements may be either independent causes or may be effects of independent causes or a common cause. One of these statements may be the effect of the other statements. Read both the statements and decide which of the following answer choice correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements.
(A) If statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.
(B) If statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.
(C) If both the statements I and II are independent causes.
(D) If both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes.
(E) If both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause.

3) 1. The Government has increased rates of petrol and diesel by 10% from the immediate effect.2. Oil producing countries have decided to increase 10% of production on crude oil from the last quarter.
Option D – Both statements I and II are the effects of independent causes.

4) 1. Large numbers of people have fallen sick after consuming sweets from a particular shop in the locality.
2. Major part of the locality is flooded and has become inaccessible to outsides.
Option D – Both statements I and II are the effects of independent causes.

5) 1. The university authority has instructed all the colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of cell phones inside the college premises.
2. Majority of the teachers of the college signed a joint petition to the university complaining the disturbances caused by cell phone ringtones inside the classrooms.
Option B – Since the teachers of the colleges complained to the university about the disturbances caused by cell phone ringtones inside the classrooms, the university authority has instructed all the colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of cell phones inside the college premises.
6) To make him succeed, the correct thing to do is to punish him until he does not try.
a) until he tries
b) until he does try
c) until he will not try
d) until he did not try
e) no improvement
Option A
7) He offered me tea but I denied it.
a) refuted
b) neglected
c) declined
d) no improvement
Option C
8) Man : Biography :: Nation : ?

a) Leader
b) People
c) Geography
d) History
Option D – Second contains the story of the first.
9) Statements: Some ants are parrots. All the parrots are apples.
Conclusions: 1) All the apples are parrots. 2) Some ants are apples.
Answer:Option B

10) Statements: All cups are books. All books are shirts.
Conclusions: 1) Some cups are not shirts. 2) Some shirts are cups.
Answer :Option B
Deloitte Technical Interview Question
1)Where an automatic variable is stored?

LOCAL- Local variables which scope is with in the function.It may be two types auto or static. If it is declared simply int var.Compiler treat as auto storage class. The auto variables are stored in Stack. The static variables are stored in Data Segment.

2)What are bit fields?

A bit field is a data structure used in computer programming. It consists of a number of adjacent computer memory locations which have been allocated to hold a sequence of bits, stored so that any single bit or group of bits within the set can be addressed. A bit field is most commonly used to represent integral types of known, fixed bit-width.

3)Who designed C++ programming language?

Bjarne Stroustrup

4)What is virtual inheritance?

Virtual inheritance is a C++ technique that ensures only one copy of a base class’s member variables are inherited by grandchild derived classes.

5)What is the life cycle of an applet?

A Java applet is a program that can be run on the web. It is a Java program which the web browser runs (depending on security permissions), and closes. An applet has four main steps in its life cycle: Init() initializes any variables or methods.

6)What is a package in Java?

Packages In Java. Package in Java is a mechanism to encapsulate a group of classes, sub packages and interfaces. Packages are used for: Preventing naming conflicts. For example there can be two classes with name Employee in twopackages, college.staff.cse.Employee and

7)What is the use of “echo” in php?

PHP echo and print Statements. echo and print are more or less the same. They are both used to output data to the screen. The differences are small: echo has no return value while print has a return value of 1 so it can be used in expressions.

8)Explain the types of string comparision function in PHP?

Use the PHP strcmp() function. You can use the PHP strcmp() functionto compare two strings. This function takes two strings str1 and str2 as parameters. The strcmp() function returns < 0 if str1 is less than str2 ; returns > 0 if str1 is greater than str2 , and 0 if they are equal.

9)What are the different errors in PHP?

E_ERROR: A fatal error that causes script termination.
E_WARNING: Run-time warning that does not cause script termination.
E_PARSE: Compile time parse error.
E_NOTICE: Run time notice caused due to error in code.

10)What is the Collections API?

The Collection API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operation oncollections of objects. These classes and interfaces are more flexible, more powerful, and more regular than the vectors, arrays, and hashtables if effectively replaces.

Deloitte HR Interview Question For Freshers

Introduce Yourself

Why do you want to join us and not other companies?

What do you know about our company?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Steps to take into consideration when starting a project ?

Toughest code you ever wrote?

Questions from the resumes?

Are you comfortable with relocation?

Can you work on odd hours (night shifts)?

How many times 9 appears between 1-100? and 1-1000? 

How do you feel about doing repetitive work?

Do you want to ask us something about the company?

Deloitte HR Interview Question For Experienced

Tell me something about yourself?

Why are you choosing Deloitte?

What interested you the most in the recent news?

Do you have any goals in the past and how did you achieve it?

Give me an example of when you gave a presentation?

Briefly, Desribe when you have to make a decision?

Who is your inspiration? Why?

Tell us some of your strengths?

What are the challenges you faced in your previous and current roles?

Tell us some of your Weakness?

Explain about when you were involved in teamwork?

Give me an example of when you were involved in a multi-task situation. How did you manage it?

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