About GUVI

What is GUVI?

  • GUVI started as an unique community who were passionate to learn and share technical knowledge in our very own mother tongue. We try to connect with everyone in their preferred language.
  • GUVI makes technical learning a simple exercise with a Friendly Instructor Next Door kind of knowledge sharing.
  • GUVI is a complete platform where people can share their learning through videos
  • GUVI helps students from rural background/novice/beginners who are struck with the complexity of language of delivery and the hitches in getting started with new technology zone.
  • GUVI is a Blended Learning platform where there are no limits to what you can learn and no limits to what you can share
  • GUVI provides a social platform to share your skills and learning’s.

How do I stay Updated?

  • You can subscribe to the free blog updates by submitting your email id in the section “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL” section to the right of this post

How do I contact the GUVI team