10 Easiest to Hardest Programming Languages to Learn in 2023


Hypertext Markup Language gives a good idea of the basics. It is used to define the text, color & other dynamic elements/buttons on the webpage. It is easier to write & remember the syntax of HTML.


JavaScript allows you to develop interactive client-side web  elements or web pages. You can great results with minimal coding efforts. JavaScript is a great building block for learning other languages.


Python is a fairly easy, all-purpose programming language with easy-to-understand syntax in the English language, a variety of libraries, and readymade functions.  Python doesn’t have a steep learning curve yet allows learners to enter high-paying careers.


Ruby is an open-source natural programming language. It focuses on simplicity & productive use for back-end programming. Only minimum & crisp code commands are required to implement the heaviest of tasks with Ruby.


JAVA uses object-oriented programming & works on the Write Once, Run Everywhere concept. Its concise nature of code with English words makes the language easy to learn.


C++ is an extensive programming language with typical, specific, and complex syntax. Interacting with memory is a little difficult in C++ and the advanced syntax could put off beginners.  However, C++ is a base for building applications, operating systems, and software.

Assembly language

Assembly language is a low-level language used to directly communicate with hardware. You must be familiar with the internal functioning of a computer / hardware / CPU to really work with assembly languages.


Prolog uses logic-based reasoning to solve intricate problems in AI. It operates on a declarative paradigm where you specify what you want to achieve rather than how to achieve it. Prolog is hard to learn due to the need to grasp & apply formal logic concepts effectively.


Haskell works in a functional paradigm, unlike most modern programming languages. It is extensively used to write powerful C codes for application development. In Haskell, it is difficult to identify errors and correct them.


Malbolge is one of the most challenging programming languages to learn. It was done by a compiler based on Lisp.  Malbolge is a self-evolving language whose syntax is hard to comprehend because of the lack of white spaces or coherent words at all.

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