Become a successful UX/UX designer with our roadmap for beginners!

UI and UX design are crucial for digital products.

Let's explore these fundamentals. 🌐🖌️

Learn to choose colours, typography, icons, and images for a cohesive look.

Visual Design:

Understand logical element arrangement for easy navigation. 📐🧭


Master font selection, size, line spacing, and contrast for readability. 📝🔤


Adapt UI to different devices for a consistent user experience. 📱💻

Responsive Design:

Gather insights through surveys, interviews, and user testing. 📊👥

User Research:

Use user feedback for iterative improvements. 🔄📈

Feedback and Iteration:

Explore essential UI/UX design tools, from wireframing to visual design. 🧰🛠️

Key Tools:

Hone your skills with mobile app redesigns, landing pages, e-commerce sites, dashboards, and more.  📱🖥️🎯

Practice Projects:

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