Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking 

Ethical hacking


Founded in 2008, thenewboston is a veteran cybersecurity channel with 2.66 million subscribers.  It covers nearly 4.4K videos on Metasploit for Network Security, Nmap, wireless security, Wireshark tutorial, Linux for Beginners, command line, programming, and more.


Running since 2005, Hak5 boasts 871K subscribers and 1.8K videos with over 67 million views.  It delves into privacy, penetration testing, DIY projects, and IoT security, offering expert insights and products.


Since 2015, Hackersploit has garnered over  36.4 million views and educated nearly 850K subscribers through its 400-plus videos.  Their tutorials on Linux, Wireshark, and penetration testing provide a strong foundation for understanding cyber threats.

Black Hat

Launched in 2013, Black Hat's YouTube channel shares cybersecurity conference recordings With 212K subscribers and nearly 11.5 million views across its 2.4K videos, it offers advanced insights into malware, exploits, and cloud security.

Null Byte

The Null Byte channel, born in 2017, holds 901K subscribers and 231 videos with 42.4 million views.  Its tutorials cover Wireshark, Metasploit, and social engineering, making it a hotspot for ethical hacking enthusiasts.

The PC Security

Since 2011, The PC Security channel has amassed 416K followers and 619 videos with nearly 41.5 million views.  It focuses on tutorials, antivirus testing, and cybersecurity news for a well-rounded learning experience.

Security Weekly

Security Weekly focuses on the latest hacking and security news. With 39.4K subscribers and 4.7K videos totaling 2.5 million views, it offers interviews, conference recordings, and weekly security updates.

Pentester Academy TV

Debuting in 2011, Pentester Academy TV boasts 63.3K subscribers and 972 videos with 2.3 million views.  Its range of topics, including Linux forensics and Python for penetration testing, keeps viewers informed about evolving cybersecurity trends.

Network Chuck

With 3.26M subscribers and 372 videos totaling 184M views, NetworkChuck videos cover various topics, including CCNA Collaboration, CCNA Routing and Switching, Network engineering, Linux CCNP, Ethical Hacking, and cybersecurity.

Cyber Mentor

Launched in 2018, Cyber Mentor boasts 597K subscribers, with 294 videos and 19.7 million views.  This channel gives viewers insights into ethical hacking, web application penetration testing, Linux basics, and network buffer overflows.

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