Best Games to Learn Coding in 2023 


GUVI's HackerKid brings coding to life for children through gamified learning.  Kids can learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python with interactive videos and games like 'The Turtle' and 'Coding Pirates'.


Robocode is a free, open-source Java game where you program robot tanks and make them fight in a virtual arena.  It challenges you with programming skills such as Java, C#, and Python as you master control statements, loops, and functions.


CodinGame is an online platform offering programming challenges for all levels. It engages you with algorithms, AI, and more in over 25 languages and enhances your algorithmic prowess.  You can even compete in contests to showcase your skills to companies.


Screeps is an MMO-Sandbox game where you code and control a colony of creatures through JavaScript programming It lets you compete and strategize with others and requires basic programming knowledge.


TIS-100 is a puzzle game that introduces you to assembly language concepts by tasking you with creating algorithms to solve data sorting, decryption, and more Its minimalist interface and engaging puzzles are perfect for a brain-teasing experience.


CodeMonkey's visual programming environment teaches kids coding fundamentals by solving puzzles that involve loops, conditionals, and functions With a visual approach, CodeMonkey makes learning coding both enjoyable and educational.

Github's revival of the Minesweeper comes with a coding twist. It challenges you to create algorithms and use your programming skills for gaming tasks, such as flagging mines on the board.  This nostalgic game is a fusion of entertainment and coding learning.

GitHub Minesweepers

Flexbox Zombies is a web-based game that educates users on the CSS Flexbox layout. It offers an enjoyable and interactive learning experience, making it an ideal tool for web developers aiming to enhance their front-end skills.

Flexbox Zombies

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