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AI for India 2.0

By Guvi

What’s the importance of GUVI’s AI-for-India 2.0?

AI-for-India 2.0 is India’s Biggest Skill Development initiative for the Youth of India. It is launched by GUVI in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. Participating in AI-for-India 2.0 is FREE with exciting Benefits!

There are about 45,000 Job openings in the AI industry. According to Business Standard, the demand for AI skills is rising in India. Participating in AI-for-India 2.0 enables the youth to Gain Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning skills for Free!

About 56% of Organizations have taken initiatives already to fill up the AI demand-supply talent gap. AI-for-India 2.0 offers a Skill Development Certificate accredited by Govt. of India & GUVI. Acquiring this certificate unlocks opportunities for you in the AI & ML industry.

The participants of AI-for-India 2.0 get to unlock a preparatory course: Python Programming for Free Learning. This Python course is instructed in 9+ regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam & so on alongside English.

AI-for-India 2.0 opens the gate to Internship Opportunities for the Youth of India. This is a bonus given exclusively to the participants of the Grand 1-Day Virtual Event of AI-for-India 2.0.

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