5 Best Languages for Competitive Programming


Python is an easy-to-learn programming language with simple syntax & extensive library. It supports higher-order functions & lazy evaluation features. Python stands among the top languages for competitive programming in terms of efficiency & code optimization.


The Standard Template Library in C++ easily enables programmers to do efficient & effective programming. C++ is one of the fastest programming languages with minimal code execution time.


JavaScript is majorly used in front-end development. A strong grip on JavaScript will come in handy to solve app-related problem statements in coding challenges. More than 65% of web/app developers worldwide stated that they used JavaScript.


Java is one of the popular choices in programming languages for competitive programming. It follows the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” concept which means that the compiled code can be executed on any platform that supports Java, without any recompilation.


About 3 Million active developers worldwide use the GO language. Applications written in the Go language are highly performant & scalable. There’s a huge demand for Go developers as popular companies use Golang.

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