Top 5 DevOps Project Ideas 

Web Server using Docker

This project is an excellent idea for beginners with a basic understanding of working with containers and how to use Docker to deploy and manage a web application. It lets you understand about monitoring your server & troubleshooting issues.

Implement a CI/CD Pipeline

A continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline is a set of procedures to deploy a new software version. Implementing a CI/CD pipeline helps accelerate application development and lifecycles, & improves application stability and uptime.

Creating a Chatbot

Another project idea of DevOps is creating a customer support chatbot. This chatbot helps customers to solve queries and also helps in troubleshooting problems. It acts as a two-way communication channel for fetching desired information from systems.

Building VCS

For a DevOps project, You can build a version control system such as GitHub. It is a platform that allows developers to track, undo & redo changes to their codebase. In this project, you’ll learn how to integrate DevOps projects in GitHub, Jenkins, & more.

Structuring a Terraform Project

This project will help you understand how to organize Terraform projects based on their general purpose & complexity. They must be organized in accordance with their use cases & perceived complexity in order to ensure their maintainability.

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