How To Become A UX Designer In India

Become a UX Designer

Are you thinking of getting into a UX Designing career? Then, here is our specially curated Todo list to help you become a better UX Designer. 

Let us put forward a scenario. Suppose you have two websites in two clicks. As soon as you open the first one, you feel glued to it and try to scroll through the different click & view options there. But you feel a bit stuck because of the complex transitions. 

So, you quickly jump on to the other. This one appears to be not only visually appealing with a good interface but also keeps you clicking along with the page. Then, you start appreciating the free flow from one button to another while you go clicking along with ease. What just happened is a difference in UX designing. 

The first one with a good User Interface(UI) kept you glued to the website for a while but could not sustain your attention when User Experience(UX) came in. You slowly shifted to the other website due to operating complications.

Whereas the other website, with an okay User interface, but the ease in User Experience, held you till you decided to stay. 

So, usability, experience and functionality of a website equally matter when we talk about a website or application. And that is the reason why UI and UX Designers are in much demand in the current market. 

So, how do you go about and become a UX Designer? 

Firstly, you should understand what it takes to be a good UX Designer? 

What skills should a UX Designer have?

  1. Creative instinct
  2. Eye for details
  3. Interactive & interface designing innovative ideas
  4. Problem-solving ability & excellent collaborative personality
  5. Analytic skills
  6. Able to accept feedback and improvise
  7. Excellent command of relevant tools for wireframing and graphic design
  8. Understand the project needs & plan as per budget groups.

These are a few skills that can keep you learning and growing in your design career. 

Now that we know what skills are essential? Let’s find out how you can acquire these skills and become a UX Designer in India.

A step-by-step guide to becoming a UX Designer with no experience & degree!

1. Master the core fundamentals of UX designing

A User Experience Designer brings value to the table by delivering a smooth transitioning and user-friendly design that helps in customer satisfaction & customer retention. 

Wish to learn more on UX Designing: Why UX Matters?

2. Keep yourself open to ideas and constantly work towards improving them. 

Develop an eye for good design. Start following the best UX design blogs & websites. Pick up eye-catching ideas from them and reinvent your touch of perfection to them. 

3. Invest in the right design software.

It is rightly said, “Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build extraordinary things.” Using the right set of tools gives a polished product & helps in winning the customer expectations. 

Which tools to learn?

4. Build a good project portfolio.

Projects are always a source of learning. Building multiple projects will help you master the core concepts that come your way. 

5. Learn from your mistakes

Ask for feedback and learn from it. As a user experience designer, what really matters is the user’s perspective of your design. Your design might outstand the expectation in your mind but achieving User’s green signal to the same is a mandate. So, ask for suggestions and keep improving. 

6. Get real-world work experience.

Try on job training jobs to kickstart your career. Someone’s experience can be a learning factor for you. Take it up.  

Real-time experience is altogether different than mere theoretical knowledge. Getting your hands dirty with direct experience in corporate or even real-time projects add a great deal of value to your profile.

7. Join a Bootcamp.

Identify good Bootcamps around you and get started in any one. For ease, you may check Zen Class’s UI/UX Design Program. Get Certified as a UI/UX Designer by studying online. It is a 3 months online course that provides 100% placement support plus globally recognized Certification and an excellent project portfolio. 

8. Opt group studies/projects

A College Group Project that My Students Actually Enjoy – Erika Romero

Start learning in a group. Build combined projects wherein you can learn a great deal and own multiple projects to your name.

9. Test functionality & efficiency.

Nothing goes perfect all at once. You got to improvise most of the time. Keep testing & retesting for bugs.

10. Keep learning and adopting new technologies and tools.

The key to achieving anything big is not to stop learning. Learn something new everytime. Add on to your basket of knowledge regularly.

Can you deny if I say that new technologies and tools get introduced every day. If you wish to make your presence on the internet, you have to put out something that is not already on there. So, build something raw and think out of the box.

Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to jump in and become a UX designer. In India, the demand for UX Designers seems to be all-time high owing to the growing number of Start-ups that are mushrooming so quickly.

And, if you aspire to become a UX Desginer, Zen Class from GUVI has the #1 UX Program that guarantees a 100% job placement support. Check here: Become a UX Designer.

Have queries? Drop them in the comment section below. We would like to get back to you on them.

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