Ai-for-India 2.0

AI for India 2.0 is LIVE Now

The Grand Ai for India 2.0 event is happening right now. We have sent the course access link to your given email inbox. Please check your inbox and login to start your AI journey. Happy Learning! 

Complete the course today & get certified 

How to get started?

Step1 :Click the link sent to your email address

Step2 :Log in to your account on the GUVI website

Step 2: Go to the "My Courses" tab

Step 3: Attend the main virtual event on 15 August 2023

Step 4: Watch the demo video and train the model according to the instructions provided

Step 5 : Do the hands-on module by turning on your camera

Step 6 : Upload your model

Step 7: Complete all modules and receive your certification

Don't wait - take advantage of this opportunity to learn valuable AI skills and be a part of our AI-for-India 2.0 community